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Adventure Tours

Three-day and Two- night tours of  Adventure Tour in Battambang Banteay Meanchey

 Day 1: After your tour in Angkor start another adventure tour  to Battambang, the second largest city in the north-west region of Cambodia. Battambang was founded in 11 century by the Kher kings who ruled during Angkor period. It is well-known for being the leading rice-producing province of the country. A cruise across the Tonle Sap (the largest fresh- water lake in South East Asia) to Battambang along the beautiful winding Sangker River by a big private boat is the is the most fascinating journey in Cambodia. It takes 6 to 10 hours and the range of sights experienced is extraordinary. All the way through the journey you pass through intriguing floating villages and are surrounded by timeless scenes. As you enter Sangker River you pass the protected wetland of Prek Toal, the home of over 120 species of water birds, and some endangered. After a charming journey you will arrive in the laid-back and delightful city of Battambang, famous for its fading French colonial architecture, where you will follow the banks of Sangker River to the ancient ruin of Wat Ek Phnom built in 11 century. Then back to hotel for dinner. Overnight at Battambang hotel.

Day 2: The next morning you visit the striking hilltop pagoda of Phnom Sampov. This massive limestone outcrop is dissected by a number of caves some more accessible than others, which some containing unexpected reminders of Cambodia's history. During Khmer Rouge, some the pagoda buildings were used as a prison and interrogation centre - victims were then pushed through a hole in the roof of a cave to fall to their deaths. After lunch you will drive to the village of Ksach Pouy on the banks of the Sangker River. As well as being home to many well preserved traditional Khmer wooden stilted houses, this area grows a variety of tropical fruits and after the rainy season farmers plant all kinds of vegetables along the fertile river banks, here you can learn about traditional agriculture - also a great opportunity to taste juicy oranges, sweet pineaples, and many other fruit...  A few kilometres further south you arrive at the well-preserved 11th century mountaintop Angkorian temple of Phnom Banan. After climbing the 350 steps you are treated to a wonderfully peaceful setting with superb views across the surrounding countryside, with small villages dotting the endless rice paddies, punctuated with the characteristic sugar palm trees. Your tour will end with the ride of Bamboo Train to enjoy sunset with Gin and Tonic or beer. Overnight in Battambang.

Day 3: After breakfast then it is time to bid farewell to Battambang as you head 120km north, to the seldom visited north-western province of Banteay Meanchey to visit the ancient temple of Banteay Chhmar (narrow fortress), a large temple that is rarely visited by tourists due to its remoteness, thus it makes a refreshing change from the crowds of Angkor Wat. On arrival the local community will welcome you and will enjoy a traditionally prepared Khmer lunch by home cook. Then head to Siem Reap. On the way close to Siem Reap you reach the village of Puok which is home to the Artisans d'Angkor Silk Farm. Here you will witness the entire silk production process, from the silk worm munching on the Mulberry leaves, to spinning their cocoons, the cocoons being harvested and turned into silk thread, women weaving, and of course the beautiful finished silk products, which you can purchase at the on-site boutique, a wonderful souvenir of Cambodia. Check in to your hotel in Siem Reap to freshen up and prepare your departure flight. Your guide and driver will be at deposal with you. You can talk with your guide where you would like to have dinner before your flight.

End of program by Angkor Travel Guide