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Ms. Cecilia Cheung - Hong Kong
Subject: Sim is an incredible tour guide

I would like to thank you so much for the wonderful trip :) I recommended him highly as a guide to Cambodia. Sim is a friendly tour guide.

Mr. Max Bond - United States
Subject: Sim Sophath - Our Guide in Siem Reap

We were lucky enough to find Sim Sophath through our hotel in Siem Reap. He was an excellent guide to the many sites around Angkor Wat and in Siem Reap. We recommend him highly for his superb skills as a guide who is very knowledgeable, honest and patient.

Ms. Nicole Gaddy - United States
Subject: Sim Sophath-best tour guide

Sim was absolutely incredible as a tour guide! He guided our group all over Siem Reap. His knowledge on the history was impeccable! He knew exactly what we wanted out of the trip as well as when we were ready to move on! He was very patient and answered all questions we might have had with extensive detail. I would HIGHLY recommend him as a tour guide if you plan to come to Siem Reap. You will have a blast!

Ms. Lydia Griffin - United States
Subject: 4 day tour of Siem Real

In a group of three, Sim showed us around all over Siem Reap. He was extremely flexible, well organized, and overall amazing tour guide. He knew all the history behind ever temple we visited and extremely informative. I had a great vacation all thanks to Sim!

Ms. G. Elizabeth Kretchmer - United States
Subject: Cambodia\'s Landscape

As a writer, I'm always drawn to the idea of landscape and how it impacts or defines the people of the land. On our recent visit to Siem Reap, I tried to make sense of Cambodia's holistic landscape�geographical, historical, political, cultural, religious, and social and Sophath helped immensely. He gave us a solid historical perspective of the area, but he also gave us a sincere view of what it means to live there in the 21st century. He talked about his family. He talked about the Khmer Rouge. He talked about his dreams for the future. He answered each and every question that we shot his way, honestly and humbly. He was sensitive to our needs and willing to remain flexible. And yes, he was tremendously knowledgeable. But most of all, it was Sophat's ability to let us peek into Cambodian life, from a local's viewpoint, that made him one of the best tour guides I've ever had the privilege of knowing.

Ms. Samantha L - Australia
Subject: Fantastic day tour of Angkor

Sophath was our guide for our half day tour of Angkor and the surrounding temples. He was so knowledgeable and spoke excellent English which really enriched our experience. He was prompt picking us up from the hotel at 4:45AM and was especially caring when I was feeling unwell during the tour. If you are looking for a wonderful tour guide who also takes a great photo, then Sophath is your guy!

Mrs. Dawn Leach - United Kingdom
Subject: Tours

Sophath was a marvellous guide when we went to Angkor wat he as so educated and his english was superb. He explained things very thoroughly and took some lovely photos.He even stopped to let us take photos of the monkeys. We also had a river boat trip with him and what a lovely man made us feel safe and so so knowlelagable. Would thoroughly recommend him.

Mr. Brian Lewis - United Kingdom
Subject: Sophath: First rate guide

Sophath combines his vast knowledge of his subject with excellent English capability. He clearly understands what the tourist needs, even down to well researched photo locations. I would definitely recommend him to anyone wishing to visit Siem Reap. Thanks for a great visit Sophath.

Mr. Devina Wallang - India
Subject: Siem Reap + Sim Sophath: An amazing experience!!!

Our trip to Siem Reap wouldn�t have been completed without visiting the temples of Angkor, and this trip wouldn�t have been an amazing and fulfilling experience had it not been for Mr. Sim Sophat, our lovely and always smiling guide. We connected with Mr. Sophat through a travel agency in India and we were pleasantly surprised by his extensive knowledge of the history, culture, and unending trivia and tidbits about Cambodia, his life and its people. Sim is extremely patient, punctual and was always ready to accommodate the places we wanted to see, the things we wanted to do, take pictures for us, answer our questions� all in all ensuring we had a wonderful and complete experience. He had a great energy through the entire two days we spent with him. He even recommended some local delicacies and went out of his way to take us to a shop in order to find what we were looking for. We were fortunate to have him as our guide, and I would highly recommend him� it made us love the people of Cambodia even more!

Mrs. Tamara Wilkins - United Kingdom
Subject: Sopath

What an amazing guide Sopath was..I cannot believe the amount of knowledge he had stored up in his head, I like to ask \"of the cuff\" questions and non relating to Angkor wat ...he was marvellous , funny and friendly. he took great care of us at all times

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