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Made up of the Khmer race, the Cambodian nation lies to the south east of the continent of Asia Being home to some 15 million people, the Cambodian nation is comprised of mainly an Indo-Chinese ethnic race and is mostly constituted of Hindus and Buddhists with many more ethnic minorities. This country, shaped like a heart, is bordered by the neighboring countries of Thailand along the entire length of its west and also its north-west, Vietnam to the stretch of its east and a bit of the south-east and Laos to the north-east. The fascination of the country is more so because the Cambodian nation is drenched in the exoticism of Oriental heritage and kaleidoscopic culture. This makes the Cambodian nation a popular tourist attraction for hoards of tourists who visit the country all year round. With Cambodia tourism being a popular thing world wide, planning your next holiday to the country would be a fabulous option. So getting into Cambodia is one of the chief concerns while planning your trip to the country; hence Cambodia Tourist Information is necessary.

Cambodian Tourist Information comes in handy mainly for those travelers who tread the adventurous road and in tend on making it on their own. However, that does not mean that those of you who are taking guided tourist services will not need any Tourist Information for Cambodia. The most important Cambodia tourist information includes factors like When to Go to Cambodia, Foreign Embassies in Cambodia, Cambodia Emergency Phone Numbers, Cambodia Holidays, Cambodia Health Information, Cambodia Hospitals, Cambodia Things to Know, Cambodia Do's & Don't and Travel Insurance Cambodia.

However, those are not the only things that the Cambodian Tourist Information consists of; after all, the Cambodian nation is a multifaceted one and has numerous things to offer. The Cambodian Tourist Information is more for emergencies and aids you during your trip to the country of Cambodia. These Cambodian Tourist Information also ensure that u no longer have unwanted hassles when you intend on dollops of fun and frolic.


Cambodia Emergency Phone Numbers

Cambodia is the country of the famous Angkor Vat Temple, which attracts several thousand tourists every year. With stability restoring in the nation, it is fast becomi9ng one of the most popular tourist destinations of the world. Another reason for the growing popularity is that the country has vast stretches of unexplored land which allures the adventurous tourists. Cambodia Tourist Information gives you all the information you might need on your travel to the country. One of the most important tourist information is the Cambodia Emergency Phone Numbers .

Cambodia Emergency Phone Numbers is all about some useful phone numbers of Cambodia, which might come handy for your travel to the country.

1. Police:

- 011 30 30 30

2. Fire Fighter

- 023 722 555

3. Ambulance

- 023 724 891

4. Traffic Police

- 023 722 967

5. Police Military (PM)

- 012 520 to 012 529 (These numbers can be communicated only for 012 network)

6. Tourist Police

(Phone number will be set up soon)

Siem Reap

- 011 30 30 30

- 012 40 24 24

- 016 40 24 24

Sihanouk Ville

- 012 82 62 72

- 012 89 22 55

- 012 77 47 07

7. Taxi (24hr)

- Bailey's Taxi 012 890

- Car Rental Co 012 950

8. Phnom Penh Airport

- 023 890 520

9. Express Courier

- DHL 012 965 222

10. Fedex - Federal Express

- 023 216 712

11. Security Services (24hr)

- MPA Security Service 023 210 836

- Protek - Cambodia Security 012 919 903

- SecurityK 012 822 281

- VIP Security Service 012 817 222

With all these Cambodia Emergency Phone Numbers you don't need to worry at all about your security. All that you need is just a ring away and you can rest assured that no rude voice will be waiting at the other end of the line!